Schools Rugby – Plate Competition

Prince of Wales’ College finished top in the group 2A and Thurstan College finished second. D.S. Senanayake College were unbeaten in segment 2B whilst Zahira College finished second.

As a result mentioned four teams will compete in the plate category according to the modern format of the SLSRFA.

Wesley College who won the plate last year once again finished 5th in segment 1A and CWW Kannangara, the debutant in the top tier finished 6th without a single win in the segment 1A. Meanwhile, St. Anthony’s College Kandy and Dharmaraja College Kandy finish 4th & 5th respectively in segment 1B.

CWW Kannangara, Wesley, Prince of Wales and Thurstan will play criss-cross with the other four teams that is Dharmaraja, St. Anthony’s, D.S. Senanayake and Zahira.

The Dons (DS)who were in the top tier last year have the opportunity of retaining their place once again. Moreover, it will be interesting to see that how well the segment 1teams will face the segment 2. The top 4 will be promoted to play in the segment 1 while the rest will remain in segment 2 for next season.

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