Battle of the Golds, the Moratuwa Spectacle; What it feels for Cambrians!

Among 365 boring days of studies there are some school days, which are remembered for a long period. The big match season is also such an enjoyable period. I was a huge cricket fan ever since I was a little boy.

And luckily I got a chance to pursue my education in a school where cricket flourished. It is none other than the pride of Moratuwa; The Prince of Wales’ College.

The big match of my school is played against the St. Sebastians College, Moratuwa and the battle is famously known as the Battle of the Golds, Moratuwa. When looking at the history, Prince of Wales’ College has been able to gain the most respect in both the big match and the one day match. Both the 2 day big match and the one day match are played in De Zoysa International Stadium, Moratuwa

It was not only my passion for cricket that took me to the stadium for the past 12 years. Papare bands, food available in the ground and fun times I spend with my friends also compelled me to go to the stadium. So our main intention is not only watching the big match and supporting the Cambrian cricket team, but also spending some quality time with my friends.

Small fights and tiffs are a common affair between the two schools and most importantly, none of them have been able to affect the friendship and the brotherhood between the two schools. No matter what happens at the end of a big match, the two schools play the big match the following year with the same good spirit.

Although this is such an enjoyable time period, the a day big match is quite a boring matter. Though we expect to see some fireworks from the batsmen that rarely happens. Most of the strokes that played are defensive ones. Runs are also scored at a very slow rate. So sometimes we feel fed up of the big match.

But fortunately one thing took that odd feeling away. That is the honour of watching the Battle of the Golds. That is the honour of cheering for the Cambrian cricket team sitting in the Cambrian dugout. And that is watching the big match with the hope that the Cambrians would emerge victorious.

I am sure that even the 65th Battle of the Golds, Moratuwa will be a very competitive and an interesting one. For the 13th consecutive time I will get up early in the morning and go to the De Zoysa Stadium to support the Cambrian cricket team.

I wish both the teams all the very best and may both the teams be able to play the big match at their best. And I hope that both the teams will protect the true spirit of the gentleman’s game. Finally, I hope that the best team would emerge victorious (I am sure that it would be Cambrians).

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