Prince of Wales’ College v Ananda College (Schools Rugby 2015)


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Prince of Wales’ & D.S. Senanayake tops Division 1 segment 2A&2B

Singer schools league Division one segment 2A & 2B points table is out after week 4. Prince of Wales’ and D.S. Senanayake College are still unbeaten in their respective groups.

Prince of Wales’ and Ananda College look to compete in the plate although last year when they played against each other, the Cambrians won against Ananda in the plate but lost in the league game. This Thursday the 7th May once again these two teams play each other. On the other hand D.S. Senanayake who got demoted from segment one are making a strong statement with their unbeaten tag thus far. Zahira College lost to the Dons but looks like they will beat Nalanda and stay in contention for the plate.

As a result with the current points table it looks like S. Thomas, Dharmaraja, Wesley and CWW Kannagara to play with above mentioned schools for the plate championship. However, S.Thomas v St. Anthony’s will decide who will exactly slip the ladder.

Wesley won the plate last year beating the Eagles. Nevertheless, despite CWW Kannagara’s poor show, the plate category looks exciting with contestants who are equal.

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Battle of the Golds, the Moratuwa Spectacle; What it feels for Cambrians!

Among 365 boring days of studies there are some school days, which are remembered for a long period. The big match season is also such an enjoyable period. I was a huge cricket fan ever since I was a little boy. Continue reading Battle of the Golds, the Moratuwa Spectacle; What it feels for Cambrians!

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